Few service bureaus can compete with the quality and speed of CMDS's manual data entry, keying both from image and paper. Utilizing production analysis reports, key verification and statistical quality control, CMDS guarantees the reliability, accuracy, and integrity of our clients data.

To achieve the highest conversion accuracy requirements (guaranteed up to 99.9%), for conversion of handwritten material or poor quality machine generated text, manual data entry is the preferred approach. Many customers are surprised to discover that the cost for manual conversion is very competitive with OCR for many projects. With the capacity for over 200 million keystrokes per month at 99.9% accuracy, CMDS can provide rapid turnaround for even your largest projects. Neither handwritten data nor foreign language data present a problem for our conversion group. We regularly handle the most challenging and complex data capture and conversion efforts.

We have been working with a turnaround time as low a 10 hours.

















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